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About me

My yoga journey (mirroring life) has been rich with experience.  Learning, peaks and troughs, joy, sadness, fast forwards and slow mo. Injuries, achievements, freedom, frustrations, liberation and pain.  It’s been in my life then fallen away but it has always come back to me…always.

 Yoga is such a loaded word these days – it means so many things to so many people.

To me, first and foremost it is a physical practice, rooted firmly in attention to breathing, awareness, movement and soft focus of attention in ‘being’ and existing, which starts on the mat during the duration of class then slowly, in time, can ebb into every-day life and beyond.  At a time when we are becoming more segmented, more isolated.  The rhetoric message not to trust our body, these incredible systems that move with us, hopefully cohesively through our lives.

Yoga supports and nurtures, it anchors into a place of deep knowing, an intuitive voice that the physical body and its interweaving layers light up to. Yoga is a wisdom that the energetic systems embrace and respond to without us having ‘to do’ but just be…allowing us a gateway into our natural state of being, our birth right that many have forgotten.

I have trained with the very physical schools in my journey of handstands / balances and strength, to movement, to anatomy, to pranayama, to psoas, to meditation, to reiki, to hot yoga, to hatha and back…in this spiral of creation which amalgamates in presenting my unique depiction.





 I have run teacher trainings, international retreats and national workshops.

2011-2016 – 200 & 500 hour yoga training

2021 – Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals

I have worked with the following schools / professionals in my continued CPD;

2020 to present – Foundation in Integrating Arts in Psychotherapy with IATE

2020 – NADA Protocol Ear Acupuncture Training Sarah Clifford

2019 – Reiki Level 2 with Starseed Akasha

2018 – Advanced Anatomy with Flow Tunbridge Wells 

2016 – MELT Hand & Foot Training with Sue Hitzmann

2016 & 2015 – Handstand Training with Yuval Ayalon

2014 – Exploring the Psoas with Liz Koch

2014 – Forest Yoga with Ana Forrest

2013 – Pranayama with Phillip Xerri

2012 – Exploring Movement with Angela Farmer

Yoga & Meditation

Healing Therapies



Anna’s reiki sessions have bought me huge release, relief and clarity in turbulent times. She has an intuitive wisdom and I feel totally relaxed and understood in her presence. Every session feels like a gift.

AF, Tunbridge Wells

Reiki with Anna is a wonderfully magical and relaxing experience. Not only is Anna a beautiful, warm and lovely person, I truly believe she has a very special gift, and is an amazingly talented healer.

I’m not sure what Anna did but the lump I had been suffering in my throat (globus sensation) for nearly 2 months almost completely disappeared after the first session.

I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly and I am looking forward to more.

Thank you Anna x

LCB, London

Anna is a powerful Reiki practitioner. I had never done a session before. Afterwards I can only describe it as total relief and release. She’s a total professional and a true healer.

RDL, London

I particularly like the intensity of your yoga flow and ‘honing’ the traditional yoga poses. When I was attending twice a week I noticed the difference in the tone of my body, flexibility and a sense of calmness to my anxious mind.

Free Resources

I believe in our expansion and growth as a community, physically and energetically.

When we are in a fluid state of giving and receiving, giving back to ourselves, first and foremost, the ripples and the effect of this commitment is absorbed by those closest to us.

Like an intergalactic ecosystem, an infinite microscopic web, a number of roads leading everywhere and nowhere. Always coming back to the path of you.   

Within this state you are your own anchor.

Simple self tributes. Simple ways. Simple self-love.

Here are some of my favourite things for you to discover and enjoy.

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