Healing Therapies

Anna Robertshaw - Healing Therapies

Reiki & Nada Protocol Ear Acupuncture work in cohesion, as I work cohesively with you in our sessions, so do these therapies.

We clear and hold space in my treatment room ~ you relax and tune-in, the therapies do the work.

They induce a deep sense of calm, centred space and rebalance.

Sessions available (45 mins)
Monday: 13:00 / 14:00
Tuesday: 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00
Friday: 14:00

Enquiries and bookings:
hello @ annarobertshaw.com


Anna’s reiki sessions have bought me huge release, relief and clarity in turbulent times. She has an intuitive wisdom and I feel totally relaxed and understood in her presence. Every session feels like a gift.

AF, Tunbridge Wells

Reiki with Anna is a wonderfully magical and relaxing experience. Not only is Anna a beautiful, warm and lovely person, I truly believe she has a very special gift, and is an amazingly talented healer.

I’m not sure what Anna did but the lump I had been suffering in my throat (globus sensation) for nearly 2 months almost completely disappeared after the first session.

I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly and I am looking forward to more.

Thank you Anna x

LCB, London

Anna is a powerful Reiki practitioner. I had never done a session before. Afterwards I can only describe it as total relief and release. She’s a total professional and a true healer.

RDL, London

I particularly like the intensity of your yoga flow and ‘honing’ the traditional yoga poses. When I was attending twice a week I noticed the difference in the tone of my body, flexibility and a sense of calmness to my anxious mind.

Our time: 6:34pm BST